Export problem since 2.89a

So I have been using Mp3tag for a year, and have used the same script as always without changing anything. I use to make m3u, sfv and nfo file with action export. None of these work now.


%_folderpath%\$replace(00_%albumartist%,', ',-, ,_,&,-,·,,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,ä,a,ý,y,è,e,é,e,Ö,O,ö,o,Í,I,ì,i,ï,i,Ú,U,ù,u,ú,u,²,,’,,'',,'_(',-,')',,'_[',-,']',,#,,´,,!,,',',,_-_,-,/,-,!,,?,)-$replace(%album%,', ',-, ,_,&,-,·,,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,ä,a,ý,y,è,e,é,e,Ö,O,ö,o,Í,I,ì,i,ï,i,Ú,U,ù,u,ú,u,²,,#,,'',,'_(',-,')',,'_[',-,']',,´,,!,,',',,_EP,-EP,_--EP,-EP,'(',-,'[',-,_-_,-,/,-,!,,?,,_–_,-)-%SOURCE%-$replace(%_TAG%,'ID3v1 ID3v2.4','MP3','ID3v1 ID3v2.3','MP3','ID3v2.4','MP3','ID3v2.3','MP3','ID3v1','MP3','FLAC','FLAC','APEv2','APE','MP4','MP4','RIFF MP3','WAV','FLAC ID3v2','FLAC')-%year%.nfo


$replace(%artist%, ,_,&,Og,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,é,e,'',,´,,!,,)-$replace(%album%, ,_,&,Og,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,'',,'(',,')',,é,e,´,,!,,',',,)-%SOURCE%-%_tag%-%year%.sfv


%_folderpath%\$replace(00_%albumartist%,', ',-, ,_,&,-,·,,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,ä,a,ý,y,è,e,é,e,Ö,O,ö,o,Í,I,ì,i,ï,i,Ú,U,ù,u,ú,u,²,,’,,'',,'_(',-,')',,'_[',-,']',,#,,´,,!,,',',,_-_,-,/,-,!,,?,)-$replace(%album%,', ',-, ,_,&,-,·,,Æ,Ae,æ,ae,Å,Aa,å,aa,Ø,Oe,ø,oe,ä,a,ý,y,è,e,é,e,Ö,O,ö,o,Í,I,ì,i,ï,i,Ú,U,ù,u,ú,u,²,,#,,'',,'_(',-,')',,'_[',-,']',,´,,!,,',',,_EP,-EP,_--EP,-EP,'(',-,'[',-,_-_,-,/,-,!,,?,,_–_,-)-%SOURCE%-$replace(%_TAG%,'ID3v1 ID3v2.4','MP3','ID3v1 ID3v2.3','MP3','ID3v2.4','MP3','ID3v2.3','MP3','ID3v1','MP3','FLAC','FLAC','APEv2','APE','MP4','MP4','RIFF MP3','WAV','FLAC ID3v2','FLAC')-%year%.m3u

It just doesn't create the files anymore, any takes on that?

Using V2.89a I tried all 3 of your expressions in Convert>Tag-Tag and for each a string was generated.
This does not mean that also a file with contents would be the result.

But I am creating those files as we type, on earlier versions?

Its not convert>tag-tag, its actions export.

User @frangk had a similar problem. It seems a comma in the name of the export script now causes problems if used as an action. Maybe the same for you.
see here: Generate playlist via action fails

Thx. But as I read that, that is because he has comma in filename itself. And I dont have that. I do have - in foldername though.

I know.
But Convert>Tag-Tag is a very quick way to test an expression.
So if there is something wrong with the expression, it would probably show up there.
As it is and has not, I wonder if you can still produce exports that you have created before successfully which would then indicate that you have one particular set of data that leads to problems or that still something general is wrong.

I am not sure how to act from your reply? :slight_smile:

Can you upload the relevant export configurations from

and the action file from

I'll have a look at this then.

You have a mail I can send em to instead?


Thanks for the example files, @MusicBits.

I've fixed the issue with Mp3tag v2.89c Development Build.

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Sounds great, thank you. :slight_smile:

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