Export problems


I was running MP3tag version 3.26a, and was quite pleased with it. I've been exporting data into Open Office in a spreadsheet through the html export. A few days ago, windows siezed up on me and I had to reinstall it. I downloaded mp3tag version 3.8. Now, when I export html and try to import it into open office, I get an "import text" dialog box with html text in it, rather than the table information. Any advice, or is it possible to get an installer for the older version? Thanks.

In addition... i installed microsoft excel, to make sure the problem wasn't in open office. When i try to import the url with mp3tag exported chart information, i get this error:

file cannot be opened because: invalid xml declaration. line 2 position 3. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>" and then it imports the html data as text. Does that mean anything to anyone? May this be a bug in the new version? I can still import the url's that i exported using the older version of mp3tag and it works fine. hmmm......