Export question regarding covers

Is it possible for export mte's like from Dano and Squako to use the embedded cover to display in the output html stream?


to something like: (which obviously doesn't work)


I'm not even sure if the capability exists. Since it would be using the album data field, it wouldn't matter if there are X files in the set since each files coverart would be the same image, maybe have it parse any track in the album set and then use its embedded cover art to display it in the html export.

Not quite sure how to make it happen. I don't use folder.jpg at all, I purposely embed the cover art into each file for portability.

Is there anyway to deal with this?


Also, it looks like it is outputting by track number, so if there is 8 track 1's then all those come first then all the track 2's etc etc.

Is there a way to refine it to sort by say 1st > album name 2nd> track number in ascension?

Any help would be great......thanks!

No, you cannot access the one ore more embedded cover images on a binary level when using the Mp3tag export feature for creating any output text file.
The HTML language can only deal with physical existing files, which are referenced by unambigous unique resource locators.