Export Questions / Requests

  1. Is it possible to export a text file in a preferred order other than by track number? For example, I would like to generate a text file with each line in alphabetical order by artist or album name or whatever I select for the first item in each row.

  2. Is it possible to export a text file list of artist / album names without duplicated rows? For example, during a radio show hosted by an individual programmer, it would be very good to be able to generate a list of the albums played along with the name of the lead artist...or any other selected combination of tags but without duplication.

For example, if a list of songs includes several from the same album, I want to be able to export a list of albumartists / album titles but without duplicates.

  1. It would be very useful to be able to adjust the order of the tracks in any preferred order (as in a playlist) but then export the list in the sorted order.

All three of these questions are in some way related. It would be good to have more flexibility in the way text files can be exported. Maybe I'm missing something because I don't know the means to write scripts that can do these things.

Thanks for any advice on these topics.


Did you know that a special help page on Export comes with every installation of MP3tag? Pressing F1 will open it.
And most of your questions are answered there.

Yes, if you enter the fieldname in the $loop() statement, e.g. $loop(%artist%)
then enter the list of fields that you want to export.
Finally, close the loop with the statement

If you append the $loop(%artist%) to $loop(%artist%,1) then this will lead to one exported line per ARTIST.
as you probably want to see all tracks of an album, add a further $loop(%album%) and then the list of field. Close the loops with

I cannot help you with the 3rd question as applying a loop for a field, sorts by that field.