Export: read or include text file?

I am using the Export function to make lists of my collection. Most of the info on the list comes from the tags, but there is some extra info I'd like to include in the list.

For example, the lineage of an album (eg. "CDR > EAC > FLAC8"). I prefer not to use the Comment tags for every single file of the album. I was thinking of a text file with a fixed name, like "lineage.txt".

Or maybe "mp3taginfo.txt" if there is going to be more info like this. It could be useful to have something like "UPDATED=2009-10-12" to mark the album on the list or something.

The question is, is there a way to include info from such a text file into the Export template?

I checked the forum and faq, but couldn't find any info.


Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Kind regards,

OK, fair enough. In that case, please consider this as a feature request! :slight_smile: