Export RSS for Podcast.xml file?

Trying to figure out how to use Mp3tag to create the proper xml file for a podcast.

I know how to alter the export template. I frequently use it for creating a web index of mp3's.

I looked for a podcast.xml template and didn't see one.

Any guidance on if this can be done and how to go about it would be appreciated.



Search the forum ...


Well, am trying once again to figure this out. I have searched this forum in vain. I realize that most of what I need to do can be done with regular expressions, but since I don't understand how that works, I can't simply write one. I also can't find one already there to fit my needs.

Right now, I need the export to do two things that it is not doing:

  1. Format the date properly. "6/3/2013" should be formatted as "Mon, 03 June 2013 15:21:19 GMT"
  2. Output the file size in bytes.

And yes, I have searched.



Found File Size in Bytes.... %_file_size_bytes%

There is no built-in function in MP3tag that transforms a simple date in such a was as you described it.
If you need "any" date you may use the file_create_date or a similar variable. You would then have to find a programme that calculates the day of the week out of this date.

Do you have an example for such an xml file?