Export scripting of multiple folders?

I'm in the final stages of creating my export, so I tried to load up all my files (78K) and it looks like I'm bumping into a memory issue. My laptop only has 4GB of memory and when the memory in use get to around 94% (streamlined by killing all other memory apps) it just crashes and I can't do anything.

So my question is this:

Can an export script be written to parse a root folder, and then open each subfolder 1 at at time, export all the contents of that one folder, create the csv, close that folder contents, open the next folder and then append the existing csv one folder at a time until all folders are done? This would have to be automated, is it possible to do something like that?


Maximum number of files loaded at once
on the memory problem.

The only workaround would be to split the library manually (e.g. first all artists 0 ... M, then N...Z). I cannot think of an automatism in the way you described it.

That is what I figured.....thanks for the feedback. Its a great app not matter what, just have to do a workaround, which kind of sucks. Hopefully someday a x64 version will become available