Export source


I'll try to describe........ :slight_smile:

When you run an export, the info it exports is only that which is shown in the mp3tag window.

Is it possible to specify (in the script) a directory from which to get the tag data from? Similar to the $filename placeholder for writing the file. If it was then I could run an export without having to change directories.

Then hopefully Florian will make batch exporting in a future build and I'll be laughing :slight_smile:



Hi Steve,

this is not possible as Mp3tag always exports data from the files displayed in the Mp3tag window.



Possible improvement for a future release? :wink:

I guess the problem is that what I want maybe isn't what other people would use :frowning:



I think this is a little bit too special to find its way in a future release.

Kind regards,


OK, thought it might be :frowning: