Export tag to single file in multiple folders

I am new to exporting. I have a file structure for Audiobooks... Author\Bookname\ChapterXX.mp3
Every file contains a Narrator tag.
I am trying to create an additional single text file in each Bookname folder called Narrator.txt and have it contain the Narrator tag.
I created an MTE file... $filename(%_folderpath% txt,utf-16)%NARRATOR%
and an Action to run it (EXPORT, Narrator.txt, Only one file per directory)
and this works perfectly, but if I drag several folders into MP3TAG it only creates the file in the first folder! and not in each of them.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

I think you should use as filename-descriptor the full path description, e.g.

No this wont work, I know what you mean but the Meta data in the files is not always in the path structure.
ie, Fred Blogs\Book 1\Chapter 1.MP3
but Author tag in "Chapter 1.MP3" could be "Fred and Ginger Blogs"

I simply want to select multiple folders, drag them into MP3Tag select an Action and have MP3tag create a file in each folder called "Narrator.txt" which has the %NARRATOR% tag from the files in those folders.
I get it to work with one folder, but when I use multiple folders it creates the "Narrator.txt" file only in the first folder and puts in the %NARROTOR% tag from the last!

You may have noticed that MP3tag has only 1 working directory at the time.
Usually, any export ends up there unless you specifiy it in a different way where the export path is defined in a variable way.
I think you know now what to look for: something that varies from file to file and can be used to address the location.

E.g. such a definition could work:

You just forgot the filename in your config:

Super! so many thanks.

Thanks dano, I had realised that too - eventually!

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