Export template needed

Hello everyone!!

First of all I want to express my gratitude to Florian for such an amazing piece of software. For the last 5 years I have been building my digital music collection, I strated off by ripping all of my cds and then went on to do the same with my friend's and everybody else's who showed up at my place with them, then around 4 years ago I discovered Mp3Tag out of the need for correctly tag my collection and started the long process. Now after +300Gb, 5.000 albums and +50.000 properly tagged tracks I am at the point in which I want to export my collection and perhaps publish it on Html or other similar format.. I have browsed this whole forum looking for the perfect template but I haven't found on, and some others I haven't been able to preview them... Since I have spent all this time in tagging all my mp3 collection, I've never checked nor payed attention to the exporting process... I have used other music manager programs just to get the export feature, but I haven't been happy with the results and thought that perhaps here I may find the kind of template that I am looking for...

Hope somebody is up for the challenge, since my coding skill are near to zero...

Cheers to all!!!


Hi Chris,

There are a couple of tricks involved but, one newbie to another, believe me when I tell you it is not difficult to create your own design from ANY free web page template or website template (see licensing agreement of any code you plan to use). For example, I found some nice looking templates at freecsstemplates.org and the author/owner only asks that certain amounts of code NOT be taken out (the links are advertising for him), which is fine by me!!!

Almost any kind of web page you like can be used - if you can just imagine how it would look with information about items in your collection, then you can make it happen, one tiny little bit at a time.

There's probably a tutorial somewhere - if you can't find it, I can help get you started (or perhaps some veterans here can chime right in?) and help you achieve the display of your dreams.

Here's an incentive to doing it yourself - you can make any changes you want later on (replace the whole friggin' thing, even, if a better-looking design comes your way!)

Once you've got the hang of it, you'll have no trouble exporting to ANY OTHER FORMAT you may want. "Try it - you'll like it!"

Hi mbrabson!!!

Many thanks for your reply and sorry for replying back so late, the issue with the exporting feature is simple, I have looked all over the place and I have as well tried to come up with a disgn myself either from scratch or from an existing design but without any success, the coding thing is a bit more complicated than I have expected.

Basically what I would like to do is to have a disgn in which I can have a short overview of my collection (statistics such as size of the collection, number of tracks, number of albums and artists) and then just have thmbnails of the album covers or artists, which I could click on in order toget the info from that particular release/album.. it would be perect to have it as HTML documents/files so later I could upload them into the web and have a sort of music catalogue of my collection online.

If you have any ideas/samples where to start from I would be very much thankful indeed...

I'll tell you what - if no advanced users jump in, I'll be happy to help cobble something together with you - this is a great idea and I'd like to use it myself! :slight_smile:

Years ago I used a program called "MP3 Collector" (at collectorz.com) that has this functionality you describe but the results were difficult to predict sometimes (no scripting allowed - just "canned" fieldnames). It may have evolved into a more versatile product by now, but I'm not willing to pay for it again to find out. :}

Just let me know.

Great!!! I could send you a few images of what I am after... I recently started using a program called J. River Media Center to play my music and it has given me some good ideas in the way it visualizes the library, too bad I cannot export... Just let me know where to send the printscreen image files...

Recently used the mp3 collector on the trial period, but I was not satisfied with what I saw to be honest...

Cheers for all the help mate!!!!!

Hi Chris,

Sorry I lost this link when my browser (Firefox) died. I am curious to know if you've made any headway on your own. Whether you have or not I'd like to take a stab at putting together what you've described.

My only experimentation so far has been to create a new fieldname called "COVER" and to use it to store the names I want to use for each image (usually just a zero-padded 1-up serial number like 000019, then 000020, and so on). Then, under "Quick Actions"/"Export cover to file" and specify %COVER% as the image filename. This gives me images named "000019.jpg" and "000020.jpg" (the JPG extension is automatically added for me) and my scripts can reference these filenames without fear of overlapping titles and so on.

Here is a link to my "testbed" page (the output is constantly changing): http://tinyurl.com/o5sg5z

Check it out - I usually generate a matching RSS feed for this page as well, so my friends can track changes more easily. I just added code to display a link to Amazon.com for each of 10 to 12 songs. I'm going to try adding the album art next.