Export the total duration and volume (size) of the album

Hi, it is possible to output a html document or playlist m3u that contains the following parameters?

total duration of the album
total volume(size) of the album

or output a playlist whose playlist name includes the total duration of the tracks and the total volume of the album?

Did you check the help on Export and the list of variables?
The list of variabels include

Global placeholders (providing totals for the preceeding $loop/$loopend)
%_total_files% Total number of files
%_total_size% Total file size (formatted output)
%_total_size_raw% Total file size in bytes
%_total_time% Total playing time (formatted output)
%_total_time2% Total playing time (formatted output without days)
%_total_time_raw% Total playing time in seconds

Yes, I read this section but I did not fully understand. In the first scenario I want to export these features from a folder of the music album in the form of html document, how can I do that? Is there a way to do this?

These features are considered:

  • Total number of tracks
  • Full size of album tracks
  • Total duration of total tracks on an album
  • Name of artist or artists (if there are several artists in the album)
  • Year of publication
  • Album name

The second senario is that I want to create a playlist from each album folder that in the name of this playlist file, the volume of the album folder and the total duration of all tracks are also exported, but when from %_total_size% and %_total_time% I use, these two items are not exported, where is the problem?

%artist% - %album% - %_total_time% - %_total_size%.m3u

Thank you for your help

So, how proficient are you in reading and writing HTML code?
On shipment, a sample export script with HTML code is included.
You would have to adapt the sample code to your needs - it's a plain text file that can be edited with Editor.
Also, you can insert the missing variables into that script.

In repect to your second scenario: I doubt that the totals have already been counted when you create the filename with the function to create playlists..
A way out could be to first write an export script that contains batch file commands and the first command would be to create the filename. You would have to $loop() through the list of files silently (no output), then export the filenames.

A sample for a file that creates playlists with a batch file see here: