Export to csv hangs after 142'000 titles

I have a bigger collection of MP3's (~ 220'000 songs in 1.6 TB size).
When I select all files and right mouse click on MP3Tag it lasts some time until all songs are read (which is normal with this amount of files and folders that he has to read out). When trying to export to csv, the export hangs after ca. 142'000 songs. Currently I'm using version 2.85, but observed this already since a couple of versions and on different systems with different OS versions (Windows 7, Windows 8,and now Windows 10, always professional Version and x64). It's the same when I connect to the library over the network or directly on the server itself. No difference if I have the Songs on the locally installed harddisk or on a attached external disk (USB 3.0).
No error message appears, MP3Tag hangs and not shows that it's not responding (looks normal, but the file progress is not longer counting up for a couple of hours).
Any hints ? I not really want to start for each letter in the alphabet a new MP3Tag session and merge the files afterwards since I plan to do this regularly to find tags that are not correctly set.

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You should seriously switch to the newest version of MP3tag and enable the library feature.


Then see if you encounter the same problems.


It is astonishing that you can really load all 220.000 songs in Mp3Tag with version 2.85.
That means that your songs have no spacious tags, especially not large cover-art, embedded.
I never was able to load so many songs and when exporting I had to limit my songs to about 60.000.

With version 2.86 and its library and extenal cover-art-solution I can load so may songs but when exporting I still have to limit to about 100.000.

The files are named %track% - %title%.mp3 on albums with one artist. On albums with several artists (sampler, compilations...), they are named %track% - %artist% - %title%.mp3

The tags include:
track, title, artist, album, year, genre, albumartist, cd number (1/2 etc. on Multi disk albums)
So, I think I have all necessary tags on most of the files, but sure there are some exceptions which is the reason why I want have them in an Excel sheet to better sort by the fields and add/correct missing/false tags.
The coverart is saved as 150x150 Pixel jpg which is enough for my car device and my cell phone. Larger coverart is producing larger files and Needs mor space on the disk :wink:

Version 2.85 is dated from October 2017, not so old and because I have this behaviour already since a few versions I did not consider to have the newest version running. But I downloaded the newest version just now (2.86) and will try it with this.

Feedback will follow here

As I already mentioned in my answer to poster's reply from 3 days ago, I did not consider to update to the newest version. Now I downloaded and installed version 286k on my server and will run it against the local installed harddisk.

Will keep you updated here

Short statistics:
Last weekend I cleaned some duplicate files and removed several folders with wrong artist naming (artist and band => artist & band). So, the amount of files is now a little bit smaller and currently I have 218186 titles in 1'593 GB. The shortest song is 0:00:03, the longest is 14:02:46 (578 MB size). The total playing time is 673 days, 8:46:16 :wink:

I started MP3tagde with library enabled against the local disk folder that contains my collection. MP3tagde needed 35 minutes until all songs were added. Then I started the standard csv support to a separate folder (NOT the one that contains the sound files) with the default settings that are:

$loopend()Erstellt am %_date% mit %_app% - dem universellen Tag Editor - http://www.mp3tag.de/

After 7 minutes the counter/progress bar begins to run. After 10 minutes the export to a 75 MB csv file was complete

Thank you very much for the hint with the library !!!

BTW: If the library is such a useful feature, why is not more info available about it on the webpage ?

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