Export to csv when double quote is first character of title

I'm having trouble exporting to a csv for reading into Excel when the first character of the track title has a double quote. It is only an issue when the first character is a double quote - so for instance xxxxx (7" single) in the track title works fine.
I've worked out that I need to have 3 double quotes at the beginning of the track title in the csv for Excel to import it properly.

So I have tried the following


The replace bit works fine, but unfortunately replaces all instances of the double quotes in the title, so it is not recognising the = """ command - I have tried many combinations of the =""" above but cannot seem to get that to be true so that it only replaces a double quote with 3 double quotes when it exists as the first character
Any ideas?

I would use the tab character as field separator.
So instead of the semicolon or the comma use $char(9).
This would circumvent the entanglement of too many quotes.

Thanks. I am using the | character as a field separator already, mainly for that very reason

So? . Problem solved?

No the problem is not related to the export field delimiter being used. Just managed to get it working with


This is no valid MP3tag syntax.
See the help:
$if(x,y,z) if x is true, y is returned, otherwise z.

you probably need a $eql() as well.