export to html - special characters?

dear team,

may I kindly ask you to help in the issue I am facing.

Unfortunately in my html export file no special character like ü,ö,ä, ... are displayed corectly.

for example - output:
Andr� Heller / instead: André Heller
Danzer / B�er / Baum / instead: Bär

where and what do I have to put in my *.mte file to get rid of that?

thank you very much for your support!

you will find a table of replacements for html characters
like https://wiki.selfhtml.org/wiki/Referenz:HTML/Zeichenreferenz

you then create a statement like

thank you for your fast response ohrenkino!

that sounds definitely like a plan - it will work :slight_smile:

question is still where to put that statement, head, style, table, body?

thx in advance!

I bet that you have to transform/replace every field where Umlauts can be expected.

ouch, that kind of hurts... is there no other gently solution how to get this done?
thx and cheers!

I think that every special character has to be replaced ... so where do you see a more "gentle" approach?

nevermind, I thought that it could be much easier achieved.
I will do so, thanks of course again for your kind help!

I knew it - played again around a bit and found out that there is a much more easier and elegant way to work around with the special chars.

just put in the line of the export file path: ,utf-8


That will do the trick :laughing: