Export to multiple files


Hi, I'm just starting to make my own export configurations and I'm wondering if it's possible to create multiple export outputs from multiple selected audio files (one per selected item).

I want to export embedded EAC logs and cue sheets inside image rips back into the original files. At best doing both with only one configuration.

So when I've selected several images in various subfolders, the cue sheets and EAC logs (if present) get written to the right sub-folders: a .cue output file and a .log output file, for every image I had selected in Mp3Tags column view.

So does one export run always mean one output file or can I create as many files I want from one audio file and also as many I want from several audio files each?

EDIT: I just found out that there's the CTRL+SHIFT+E shortcut, but that won't help me much, since the images are not always in their own directoy. Too bad there's no CTRL+ALT+E hotkey that would run the export for every single file instead of doing it to whole directories only.

EDIT2: When I do something like this $loop(%_path%)$filename(%_folderpath%%_filename%.cue)$loop(%_path%)%cuesheet%$loopend()$loopend() -> Mp3Tag crashes... with an empty error log (except for the header), two DrWatsons invisibly hanging around in the background, have to kill them with Process Explorer. :frowning:

EDIT3: Oh well, at the moment I'll be fine with doing KEY_DOWN, CTRL+E, KEY_DOWN, CTRL+E, KEY_DOWN, CTRL+E, ... but it's annoying when doing this twice for around 100 files.

EDIT4: Btw, is it possible to prevent Mp3Tag from overwriting already existing files when exporting? When I set already existing EAC logs and cue sheets to read-only, and attempt to create them again with my export configurations, then I get this error:

File:        .\mtmainframethreads.cpp
Line:        1025

EDIT5: The first code snippet breaks the forum's layout. :huh: