Export to sortable html (nickless javasort config)

(Sorry, had been posting this in the general forum also....).
I am trying to export my whole collection as HTML using the nickles javasort lite configuration. While when choosing a directory with just 10 subdirectoires everything is working fine, I am having an issue when trying to exoport the whole colletcion (> 17.000). The HTML file is properly generated and coding looks o.k. at first glance, but when I open the file with firefox, I just see the header, no listings at all. I tried , besides the nickless javasort lite config, various other configs, but all sortable ones turned out to fail also.

Is there any limitation in terms of number of records to be displayed?

Any hint is very much appreciated.

OK, found it myself. As I did read other posts about corrupt data, I checked whether everything is fully tagged and o.k. But for some strange reasons one of the files had a 0 length (wonder how that can be), so I got an error at this line.