Export to UTF8 without BOM?


Is it possible to export as UTF8 but leave out the BOM characters at the beginning? So the export file would be ANSI as UTF8 or UTF8 w/o BOM or whatever they call it.

This (UTF8 without BOM) is the leading file type in programmer's land and the assumed file type when reading text files using PHP...


Check out the help
There it tells you how to write a specific character encoding:
"... You can set the filename of the exported file with the function $filename(name[,enc]). The optional second parameter sets the encoding of the export file. Possible values are ansi, utf-8 and utf-16.

See dialog "Mp3tag\Tools\Options\Export", option "Write BOM".


I know those options, but the utf-8 option saves the file as utf-8 with BOM. I was wondering whether an option for utf-8 without BOM was possible. For utf-16, BOM is useful, but for utf-8 it is irrelevant.

Ahhh, thank you!
Silly, I completely overlooked that. Or maybe it's new?

i just searched hours for the problem.

the dcoumentations handles both, the mte file format and the settings dialog in one page so i misunderstood you could turn on/off the BOM in the mte file.

actually, i think it would be useful to de/activate BOM in the mte file since you may want to export several files where some need BOM and some won't.