Export to xls or csv

Is there a method to export a few columns to Excel or to a csv file? I've tried the supplied formats but I'm not getting what I want. I would like the columns, Artist, Title and Genre to be exported to 3 distinct columns allowing for sorting. I've looked at the supplied export scripts and tried to edit them but this is not my cup of tea.

You find the export script in File>Export.
Make a copy of the supplied CSV export script (so that you keep an original)
Select the copied file and press the Edit button to edit it.
In the file you may modify the contents yourself or copy the following part and replace the existing code with the contents of the clipboard:

$loopend()Created on %_date%

In general: the first line features the column headers - so that is more or less up to your preferences.
The construction between $loop and $loopend() contains the mp3tag variables of the tag fields you want to export. Please note: not blanks allowed unless part of the variable.
After the export you may import the CSV values into Excel.

QUOTE (ohrenkino @ Feb 1 2012, 08:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
$loopend()Created on %_date%<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd--> or this
$loopend()Created on %_datetime%