Export tool request


This is my first message on this forum so I hope that I posted it in the right place. :unsure:
I would like to make a suggestion for the Export Configuration Feature.
I often post on forums the tracklist of my albums. But I use a specific format for the message.
So I would like you to add support for phpBB code not only HTML code support. Because it would be very useful.
I've also added here and example of how I would like to make my export configuration file (*.mte):

$filename(txt)%artist% - %album%

Release year: %year%
Genre: %genre%
Quality: %_bitrate% KBPS - %_samplerate% MHz
Size: %_total_size%
 :arrow: [b][url=http://www.placewherealbumcanbedownloaded.com]Download[/url][/b]



Normally you make a new thread for your own request.

But what do you mean by HTML code support?
The export creates text files in whatever format the user defined.
And what's phpBB code supposed to be?
I don't really understand this request.


He wants Mp3tag to output something similar to what MTA Converter outputs - but instead of using Invision Power Board specific markup, he needs it for phpBB (although they are almost identical).

What I don't understand is why he cannot do it with the current version of Mp3tag since he already posted an export configuration that is supposed to do exactly what he wants. :huh:


Well, I made this export configuration file. But when I export the data to a TXT file Mp3tag doesn't keep the phpBB Code like [img] tags, [url] tags.... And I need those tags to be kept there in the exported file.


These brackets need to be enclosed with ' because if not they have a special function.
If you want to output [url] you need to write '['url']' in the export file.


Ok! Thanks ! I didn't know! I'LL TRY TO DO AS YOU SAID. :slight_smile: