Export tracks to a simple playlist

Hello, I want to create txt file from selected tracks in this format.

Artist - Album Year
.1 This Ain't America Anymore 0:00
.2 All is Fair in Love and War 4:56
.3 We The People of The USA 8:44
.4 Every Day in America 11:52
.5 Turn Away from the Eagle 16:02
.6 Rise up and Shine 21:04
.7 We Praise Yahweh 24:18
.8 Hallelu Yahweh 27:24
.9 No King but King Jesus 30:40
10 Heavens under Siege 33:20
11 Jesus the Way and the Truth 36:54
12 Kingdom Coming 42:38
13 May Yahweh be 46:18
14 Hail Yehoshua 49:56
15 Yehoshua Messiah 54:36

Timestamps are starting times of a track.

How can I export it like this with mp3tag?

You could try:

$num(%track%,2) %artist% %title% $num($div($get(mm),60),2):$num($mod($get(mm),60),2)$puts(mm,$add($get(mm),%_length_seconds%))$loopend()

Thanks a lot!

Only missing that Artist - Album Year line there.

Add that as plain text before the $loop statement.
Unterlining is a feature of an editor and probably not the look of plain text


I didn't mean to actually underline it in the output :rolleyes:

Export to get exactly what I wanted,

$filename(Simple.txt)%artist% - %album% %year%$loop(%_folderpath%)
$regexp($num(%track%,2),^0,\.) %title% $num($div($get(mm),60),2):$num($mod($get(mm),60),2)$puts(mm,$add($get(mm),%_length_seconds%))$loopend()

Thanks again. :slight_smile: