Export txt file with square brackets

I want to make txt file with information thal looks like

[b]01. [/b]Down the River
[b]02. [/b]Mr. Devil and the Black Widow Woman
[b]03. [/b]The Hillside
[b]04. [/b]Wicked Well

But i can`t make "[" or "]".

Search the forum for "single quote around reserved characters" ...
... or read the Mp3tag Help Manual
... at the end of the page.

If you want to output literal strings from within a Mp3tag export script, then enclose all literal strings in single quotes and leave all Mp3tag scripting elements as is, e. g.

'[b]'$num(%track%,2)'.[/b] '%title%

If you use an editor with support for Mp3tag syntax coloring, then the parts will be obvious, what is Mp3tag scripting syntax and what is literal output.


Thanks, it works. I used `, not '.