Export window -OR- How to exclude Mp3tag from an AutoHotkey script?

[I do not now if this is a bug or on the contrary - something that should be even in the Off-Topic section, but here it goes]

Long story short: I had the same problem with Explorer from Microsoft as it is described in the first post at https://www.knowbrainer.com/forums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=4&threadid=22493

So not having any experience with AHK I took the first code provided there by user PG LTU but expanded it to the form of:

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
SetTimer, MaxAll, 150


IfWinExist, Attach

IfWinExist, Copy

IfWinExist, Export

IfWinExist, Import
    IfWinExist, Move

IfWinExist, Open

IfWinExist, Save


And the problem is that now the window of Mp3tag for export scripts is also maximized when evoked [I put a shortcut to the script in . But the difference is that it is not merely almost fully maximized [as windows of Explorer are] but maximized beyond full- because its left edge goes under the Taskbar that is sitting vertically on the left side of my screen. So with this script running Mp3tag Export window is partially obscured by the Taskbar. This does not happen with other export window that I was able to test so far, which was that of CorelDRAW- but that is because Corel uses "Explorer Export" window while Mp3tag uses its own "Mp3tag Export" window

I do not want to erase from the code the Export part, because this is helpful for when using CorelDRAW; and I want to have unified look and behavior of Explorer Export windows with other Explorer windows. So far I came up with a workaround of simply clicking Exit on that script's icon in the Tray area. That kills the scripts, so Mp3tag draws its Export window normally from then on; while Corel retains its ability to make it big, because [supposedly] it will revert to a default size of Export window only after some time

So the question can be:

A] What is wrong with Mp3tag Export window?

and / or

B] How do I tell this script to left alone Mp3tag Export window?

or just

C] How to automatically close this AHK script after its initial run at startup of operating system [in hopes that it will last long enough for me to not experience a small Export window in other places]?

I am using Mp3tag 2.96 and AutoHotkey on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.239

What do you mean by

Could you tell us the menu path to open that window that bugs you?

This is what happens when I press CTRL + E

And now I noticed that also TeraCopy 2.3 has the same problem- but it even worse because of the aftermath. Because when coping or moving a window for it will be stretched through out the whole width of the screen thus become partially by the Taskbar- but after closing the script [which makes Mp3tag go back to normal the next time I use its Export window] with TeraCopy it is not so easy / automatic: I have to manually resize its task window from such bloated form

So this tells us that either both this pieces of software are built in the same way and / or they evoke the same part of operating system. [And so the most valuable answer for me would be that to the question B or C]

@zerow: this looks to me as though you struggle with problems that are not part of MP3tag but have to do with the Windows window manager ...

As the behaviour of the script is probably a question about

so as you said:

I do not think that this is a bug.

You can exlcude Mp3tag with the ExcludeText Parameter like

IfWinExist, Export, , , Export Configuration Archive

it means if the text Export Configuration Archive is in a window it will be ignored.

You are probably right, as also Winamp is affected by this scripts [in a very buggy way]. And also some third software [that I forgot just now which it was]

Thank you but for now I took a different approach

I changed the code to

IfWinExist, Export
WinMove, 45, 0 ; Moves the window to X and Y coordinates counted in pixels from the left top corner

As the description within the code says, I have now that windows put nicely at very top an almost at the left edge- which takes care of the issue with Taskbar, because the Export windows is no longer obscured by it. But I failed at making any of these windows in a size that I want- because as in turns out, a maximized window is [for my modus operandi] mos of the time a problem than something convenient. So I need now to set the same size for all of these windows, as I already have them in my top left area of the screen [and that location is good for my modus operandi]. But I just do not understand how to set Width, Height that they speak of at https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/WinMove.htm

As for the

I can skip this, because it seems that I can just run such scripts once [and close it so that it will stop affecting Mp3tg], because my Explorer remembers settings from scripts even after multiple resets

If someone has the answers, then please post them

But after operating for weeks with a half-working full screen sized move / copy / export windows evoked by multiple programs, I have come to a conclusion than it is simply not convenient to do so on a large widescreen monitor that I use. Because I use an overall left & top "system aliment" [a vertical Taskbar, vital shortcuts in form of icons in the top area of file manager, constantly used Documents folder pinned as a tab in file manager in its top left corner, all file related menus being located in top left corner etc.] most of my movement is performed in the top left area- so I constantly had to move my mouse pointer to the right bottom corner. It simply became quickly a drag, having to go back and forth between things like Menu > Save file in the top left and Accept in the right bottom area

And after restoration of the system from an image, my Windows 10 aligns those windows in their original form to top and left side by default of the screen- it is no perfect but is good enough. And after coping with that drag even the size of those windows seem to optimal [assuming the content is displayed in form of a lists]

And on a side note

AutoHotkey after installing itself adds to the shell sub-menu New an entry AutoHotkey Script, without asking the user for consent. So if you like me want to have as little as possible entries in your right click menu, then you can remove that addition in the Registry at