Export with image...


On mp3tag site there is a screenshot of export feature. On that screenshot there is album image and whole template is album orientated. I like that template very much. How can I make one for myself. How can I get album image on that template.

Thanks ???


I always save a small cover with the same name (e.g. cover.jpg) in the albums directory and link to the cover-image from the html export-configuration using the img tag.

~ Florian


Awesome! Does mp3tag write to the tag then?

If it does, can it be set, to a variable or will it only write the value "cover.jpg" (meaning can the Album "The Wall" have a cover image of "The Wall.jpg")?

Does it write a relative path to the image file (preferred) or does it actually embed the picture's binary data (not preferred)? I believe both ways are supported in the ID3v2 standard.

Either way, I'd like to know how to write to the tag. Thanks :slight_smile:


Upon, rereading your post, it looks like the tag you're referring to is in the HTML page you export, not in the ID3v2 tag. :frowning: Please correct me if I'm wrong.

If that is the case, do you have any plans of supporting the cover tag for ID3v2 tags (preferrably with a relative path to the image)? Wouldn't that be great?


Yes, I mean the img HTML tag - and I'm sorry, but I'll will not implement the extended ID3v2 tag fields.

~ Florian