Export with original files names?

Hello everyone! I'll try to be brief. For work I need to sort files in iTunes, paste the playlist into Excel and then rename the tags (while preserving the filenames, so the new playlist can be referenced against the original files). However...I skipped the Excel step, and now I only have the renamed/tagged filenames. I'm running the Wine version of MP3Tag and when I add the folder, it displays all the original filenames. However when I export it only uses the tag names. How can I change this? I literally just need that one column of data! Many thanks in advance for any help!

Show us the export script.
Or: add %_filename% or %_filename_ext% to the export script and remove all variable references that you do not need from the script.
You find a list of variable names in the help: https://docs.mp3tag.de/export

Wow thanks so much, that seems to have done it! Now I just need to figure out how to import the resulting text without using " - " in the filenames as column separators. But I think I can google that. Thank you!