Easy on the flaming a nembie - I dont seem to see the recent posts when I click on that link .

What I want to do is export a list of tracks - I can choose those I want but I want title - time BPM filename and duration. Where can I find info on doing this.

Ideally also the style of music and type of music salsa - cumbia etc

Any links guidance etc greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, you don't tell us into what you want to export which items.
So I make an educated guess and give you advice how to export TAGS into a TEXTFILE.

Select the tracks for which the tag data is to be exported.
Open File > export
Select the pre-defined export txt_taglist
Press the copy button
Enter a name of your liking
Select the new export script
Press the edit button
An editor opens that should show something like this:

$filename(txt,utf-8)$loop(%_path%)%artist% - %album% - %title% - %track% - %year% - %genre% - %comment%

You see the field list in the MP3tag syntax.
If you want to add more data like %length%, %genre%, %bpm%
then enter these variable names into the script and save it,
finally apply it.