Hello all

I'm sorry to create a new topic but i didn't fin the answer to my specific questions....

I wish to make a list of my albums, but ONLY with artist/album, not tracks, because i don't want to have a list with thousands of tracks...

I wish, ex :

  • Artist X - Album SSS
  • Artist X - Album TTT
  • Artist Y - Album CCC....

I didn't find how to do so i DL that, which is good because the tracks doesn't appear in the first time :

I put it ine the EXPORT directory but it doesn'y appear in the list une options>>export, there are just the 6 ones wich already here when Mp3Tag is installed. How can i make it work?

Thanx in advance for your help!


You can find your actual export directory in Options > Export
and it usually is in %appdata%\Mp3tag\export


Thanks, it works :smiley: :w00t: