here s the thing, im trying to get all my files into a mysql database and i have a script that will do the query for me, but i miss a couple of fields

i have these columns in the database:

track, artist, title, album, albumcd, genre, length, bitrate, type, filesize, filesizeinbytes

and the mte file has

%track%--%title%--%artist%--%album%--%comment%--%genre%--%_length_seconds%-- here bitrate -- here filetype --%_file_size%--%_file_size_bytes%

so, is there also a %option% to determine what type of file it is? all i need to know is or a file is mp3 or wma, and the bitrate.. i want this output type: '224 kbps VBR' or '160 kbps CBR'.


would be possible to post a topic with all available %options% ? just the standard not the ifs..

Click on Help - > Contents -> Configuration, Export

%_bitrate% & %_extension% would likely do the trick for you.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

EDIT: %_bitrate% kbps %_vbr% doesnt seems to work with WMA files ...

Bitrate worked fine on the ONE wma I have, VBR didn't seem to. Can't be of much help, maybe Florian knows what's up?

i mean that wma files dont show whether they are cbr or vbr, i do get the bitrate

and i have 1 mp3 which gives this:
8 --Jönssonligan --Novabase--Top 100 Best Techno 6--CD1--Dance--1210--32 kbps CBR--mp3--5,20 MB--5450211

which isnt right

the song isnt 1210 secs long and hasnt 32 kbps CBR
the song is 136 secs long and has 320 kbps (from wmp)

is this due the 'ö' ?? ( i have 1 song with this)

a song with a 'å' worked fine