Hi Florian

I have a error with export to html.
When I fill this in the export dialog
the program gives me error 123, error 999 and mp3tag stops, only with Windows Task I can closed them.

I have load a directory with 9 dirs all mp3's, sorted on path.
With the Shift+Enter it generates seperates html's pages.

Is it posible that the function %_recordnumer% don't work there.

Best Regards

Hi Billy,

Yes, but it should stay as %_recordnumber% and not give an error.

Is this reproduceable? Can you please send me the file Mp3tagError.log file from Mp3tag's data directory after a crash?

Best regards,
~ Florian

Hi Florian,
The errorlog file is on his way to you.

Hi Billy,

the error is with logfile writing and I'm thinking of removing this
function to the next release.

%_recordnumber% won't work on the export filename, because it's the counter
of the current exported record in the export file (each track is one
record). While there are no records exported in the filename, this
placeholder won't be evaluated at the filename.

Maybe you can use the %_crc% placeholder to get an unique key for each album
(calculating the crc32 values for the tracks will take a while).

Best regards,
~ Florian

Hi Florian,

Thanks for your great support.
There are more ways to go to get this done. :sunglasses:
I'm thinking, thinking . . . LOL. Can't sleep this evening.

Grtz. Billy