Exported file has a blank first line

Hi everyone,

I want the Title field of an assortment of songs by different artists to display as Title (Artist), i.e. "Dream On (Aerosmith)"

I have a test.mte File with this content:

$loop(%_path%)%title% (%artist%)

The issue I'm having is that the output file has a blank first line which messes up the Convert->Textfile - Tag operation. I have to manually delete this blank line for the Converter to operate as expected. I then tried export to a csv-File but in it the first row also is blank.

Is there a way to suppress that first blank line on export?

The number of lines in the script are also reflected in the output.

$filename(mp3tag-export.txt,utf-8)$loop(%_path%)%title% (%artist%)

Perfect! Thanks a million

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