Exported TXT files and re-importing them

Mp3Tag has a wonderful option to backup tags into TXT files.

Now comes the tricky part, if I export them TXT file per folder, is there a option to mass restore them, if needed?
Or only option to restore from those would be folder by folder?

sorry, i'm german

Text example please.
which separator is present

  1. %_path%;%title%
  2. %_path%|%title%

Separator is " - ", filename convention is %albumartist% - %album%.txt

File itself includes tags in format:

%albumartist% - %album% - %discnumber% - %track% - %artist% - %title% - %year% - %genre% - %bpm% - %composer% - %comment%

Should I include %_path% also, when exporting?

Yes, you must

first, you make on a test file

i think, better is '|' (pipe) for seperator

It would, but I wanted it to be human readable...
Still wondering how can I reimport multiple TXT files from multiple fodlers to restore tags?

Currently just experimenting anyway, but its always good to look into future or worst case scenario.

Sorry i write in german-language, i want you help

Alle Txt-Dateien so umstellen, das die Tags %_path% mit %title% immer den gleichen Trenner haben.
Komplette Liste einlesen, nun "Text file - Tag" klicken, *.Txt suchen die Parameter angeben:
%_path% - %title%
%_path%|%title% und Okay klicken

*.Txt zusammenf├╝gen, speichern, importieren.

Sorry - i hope you can work

I dont understand a word of German, but...Google helps... :laughing:

that'z nice

look this
experiments on some small group of files

With "Convert > Text file - tag" only folder by folder is possible. It would be better to have one large file for all folders.

But you can batch import multiple folders with the Actions if all text files have the same tag pattern.
It works by importing the complete text files in the tag of each file and then using some actions to split the content to the right tag fields.