Exporter eats up Japanese text in tags?

Hey all,

I have a cd "Rain Drops" by 猫叉Master(Nekomata Master) who's tags I want to export to (any) file.
But whatever I try, I end up with a severely crippled file :confused:
I have all MP3 files, and only ID3v2.4 tags, Unicode text, encoded in UTF8.

Why doesn't this work?
Am I doing something wrong? Or am I using the exporter with the wrong end in mind?
I'll include the files for everyone to check.

Help me out please!

Nekomata_Master___Rain_Drops.html (5.1 KB)

You have forgotten to attach the envolved export script file.

Assuming you use the "html_standard.mte" export script file you can try to change the first line of this export script from "$filename(html)" to "$filename(html,utf-8)" and see what happens.


I am indeed using the standard html exporter script.
But, the first line is already like this:

$filename(html,utf-8)<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

And yet I have these weird files.
What's going on?
Should I strip the <?xml... part ?

Some extra info: The tags were originally in SJIS, I believe.
So, I loaded the files into MP3tag, stripped the ID3v1 tags.

Then I cleaned up some tags that didnt display properly and "saved" the ID3v2.2 tags.
I've set up MP3tag so it writes all tags as ID3v2.4 in UTF8 format.

Does this matter?