Exporting album art individual to tracks

First off hi to all and thanks for the fantastic piece of software that's helped me a great deal.

Right; basically I'm trying to export the album art from a FLAC copy of Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts I-IV album so I can import it to an mp3 copy for my fruit-flavoured mp3 player. Sounds easy enough, but each of the 36 tracks has a different album art that I would like to copy over, and as yet I haven't found a way to do this - apart from copying every image manually. Will I have to resort to this?

Thanks in advance

Do you have the "nin_ghosts_I-IV.pdf" included in the "nin_ghosts_I_mp3.zip"?
This pdf has 40 pictures, 36 of them are track related, others are cover and such.
These pictures can be extracted to whatever image format someone want.

If you have ghostscript installed, then you may use commandline commands:
For jpg format quality 85:
FOR /L %p IN (1,1,40) do ("D:\Program Files\gs\gs8.64\bin\gswin32c.exe" -sDEVICE=jpeg -dJPEGQ=85 -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sOutputFile=nin.ghosts.I-IV.%p.jpg -dFirstPage=%p -dLastPage=%p %TEMP%\nin_ghosts_I-IV.pdf)

For png format:
FOR /L %p IN (1,1,40) do ("D:\Program Files\gs\gs8.64\bin\gswin32c.exe" -sDEVICE=png16m -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sOutputFile=nin.ghosts.I-IV.%p.png -dFirstPage=%p -dLastPage=%p %TEMP%\nin_ghosts_I-IV.pdf)


That would be one way to do it, but presumably I'd still have to add each art to each track individually? I guess that's slightly less effort than copying each one out...

Is there not an exporter that's capable of this? I had a look through the archive but didn't find anything.

edit - a problem with the GSView method is that the pdf is rectangular whereas all the embedded art is square as desired...

Mp3tag provides an import cover action.

Hmm, yes the pictures in the pdf seem to be designed for wide screen displays.


And an export cover action which is what I've just used - thanks a lot for the help! :slight_smile: In case anyone else wants to do the same in the future:

Create a new export action: In mp3tag - Convert > Actions. Click the New button, call it something useful like Export Art and click ok. A new window appears: click New again and select "Export cover to file" from the drop down. In the text box type %track% which will name each jpeg with the track number. Now select all the tracks you want to export from, Convert > Actions, check the box next to your new action and run it.

Now copy the new album art image files to the directory containing the music files you want to apply them to.

Next, create your import action following the steps above but choose "Import cover from file" from the drop down. In the "Format string for image filename" textbox type %track%.jpg

Run this action as before and it should apply each bit of art to it's relevant track. Hope this helps someone!

Well done!