Exporting and Importing Tags


Hi, and thank you for the program. I need to batch export all the meta data tags (particularly my custom id3 v. 2.4 rating and mood tags created with foobar v. 9.2) of my files to a database. I then need to batch re-import and tag all the files with only certain (and not all) the files' corrsponding tags from the database. As an avid foobar user, I am familiar (although not totally proficient) in Tagz scripting.

Based on my brief introduction with this program, it appears possible. I have read about the export feature, but need some clarification of that process, as well as importing and mass taging from the imported database on certain but not all meta data tags. Thanks so much in advance.


Yes, first you use the export tool to put the tag fields that you want in a text file (see txt_taglist.mte as example).
After that, you can use "Conver > Textfile - Tag" to import the values back.

The values in the text file must be one line per track