Exporting and Importing

Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new to mp3tag but I have a background in databases (very proficient in excel as well). I exported a few test records to .csv


I opened excel, formatted to text, open file, found the csv, opened it and set it to delimited with semicolon as the separator. That way I can see all the records in individual cells, do the tidying.

Now for the import. I'm using Convert>Text File - Tag and I set the format sting exactly as shown below.


But I'm getting this in the Preview - The fields I set as parameters are blank and the data is dumping in the filename field

"G:\Entertainment\Tunes\Clean Up Completed\Pop\Chumbawumba\Chumbawumba - Tubthumper.mp3" ->
filename: Tubthumper Chumbawamba Chumbawamba Tubthumper Pop Chumbawumba - Tubthumper.mp3

I thought this was pretty straight forward but I'm clearly missing something. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you,

I do not see a field separator in

but this could be due to the forum formatter.
Anyway: you have to find a really unique field sepatator, e.g. for Export (and import into Excel) the tab character $char(9) would be even better than the semicolon.
When you re-import, it is a little tricky to enter a tab character as it is also a GUI control key.
I would suggest that you use the | as separator, so that the field list looks like


and naturally the records in the text file also have the bar as separator.