Exporting Cover Art Small Problem


i am using the action Export Cover to File with the format string %artist% - %album% - %title%.

On for example
Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: American III: Solitary Man
Title: I Won't Back Down

It creates a file called Johnny Cash - American III (without extension) and the size is 0 Bytes.

Am i forgetting something ?

thanks in advance

The underlying filesystem has restrictions in usage of special characters, e. g. '< > : ” / \ | ? *'.
In your case the colon is the bad character.
You can work around using a formatstring like '$validate(%artist% - %album% - %title%, )'.


Hi DetlevD,

thanks for your quick reply, and Thanks it worked


Hi Detlevd.
your solution works very good, but only for a couple of files it refuses.

For example this one
Artist : N.E.R.D
Album: In Search of ... (Note the 3 ... at the end of the name of the album)
Title: Lap Dance (Feat. Lee Harvey And Vita)
If i use this Format String
it Creates
Covers \N.e.r.d\In Search Of
But no album art.

And if i use
it creates the album art in the original album directory.

I think there is a problem with the 3 dots at the end, I also have some refusals where the album title starts with 3 dots.

Is there away around this instead of removing the 3 dots :smiley:


Edit: I even used the Example from the help file:
$validate(\covers\%artist%\%album%\%track%\%title%,-) but with no luck, it Creates Covers\N.e.r.d\In Search Of
But no album art.

Hmm ..., a look into Mp3tag help pages proves that $validate() respects only special chars '/?*"<>|:'.
It is common sense that the dot is treated as a special character too when used as a relative reference to the current folder (.) or to the parent folder (..) or when used as the last char of a full filename (then the dot get lost, see example foldername 'N.E.R.D').

To create legal foldername resp. folderpath for sure you have to replace dot chars too.
You may try something like this: