Exporting exactly three tag fields to reimport, slight formatting problem

Hi, this is quite simple to many, but I'm quite the newb when it comes to exporting to a text file to then use that text file in Convert. Would you take a look at the following language and can someone tell me why it's giving me too many carriage returns?


The script does give me a file, but then I have to use Notepad to delete the extra lines. An example of what I need looks like this:

01|1983|80s Alternative
02|1980|80s Alternative
03|1980|80s Alternative/Gothic Rock
04|1980|80s Alternative/Classic Punk
05|1981|80s Alternative
06|1984|80s Alternative
07|1981|80s Alternative
08|1984|80s Alternative/Classic Punk
09|1981|80s Alternative/Goth & Alternative
10|1986|80s Alternative/Synthpop

Again, that's after I manually deleted the extra carriage returns. The Convert option worked perfectly overwriting those precise Fields that were necessary and leaving all others intact.


Experiment a little with the export code itself. THe number of lines in the code are reflected in the output.
So if you want to have the output close together, something like the following might be better:

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Worked like a charm, thanks! I knew it was probably something as simple as that. Didn't know the carriage returns were the ones I was using in the code itself. (Back in college FORTRAN days, they didn't matter).

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