exporting filename > tag


i've seen the option "Export" in mp3tag but i don't seem to understand the format of the txt_taglist.mte file.

i have a bunch of mp3 files with no id3 tags applied but correctly renamed in the form track-artist-title (00-artist-title.mp3), stored inside folders with the album name and the year as album-year (album-0000).

i know how to export from filename > tag but i don't know how can i export the album name from the directory of the mp3 files so i thought this Export option was probably the correct one.

how shouuld the configuration be for exporting that?


Try this (didn't test it):


Why dont you play with placeholders and scripting functions. :wink:


i still haven't tried your code but with my export settings i exported all the info to a txt file in the format album-year. this worked fine BUT some albums have "album-year\cd1", so Export command exported "cd1" instead of the album name.

how can i do it?

$filename(txt)$loop(%_path%)$if(%_directory% = cd,%_parent_directory%,%_directory%)

doesn't seem to work but i think the idea is correct, how should i properly use the $if command? maybe that = doesn't work?