Exporting files and having album art exported into the CSV


i was wondering, is there a way of exporting the data of the songs but also having the cover art exported into the CSV file as well. If not could this be added into an upcoming version?

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Do you know any program that imports complex binary data (=picture) from a csv (plain text) file?
Please see also

which states that this is a simple text format file. IMHO that excludes binary objects like pictures.
You could export the picture to the file system, though, and save the path to the picture file in the csv-file.

Why would you do that?
Every other tagging software can directly read, modify or write your existing metadata in your songs.

Into which software would you import such a CSV file and what do you want to achieve?


i think you misunderstood, what i was getting at. The whole idea to export a playlist is to create a catalog, and i was simply just asking is there a way to eport the cover art into the CSV file to make it look more of a catalog. with a collection of over 145k songs im not going to sit there and do it one by one. if you have other suggestions i would be happy to hear, i do appreacite your response

Thank you for this information, and thnk you for your reply. The premise i asked was to create a catalog of my music which stands at 145k songs, i just wondered if there was a way to export with the cover art attached

This can’t be done with the csv file format. It is the most simple form of a document and images are simply not supported.

OK - and which program should then display the catalog and the images in the catalog?
I think you have to investigate how that import is possible.
But as stated now 3 times in this thread: a csv-file will not serve the purpose if you insist that the picture should be embedded in the csv-file.

Did you have a look at the

There are a lot of export configurations, some of them are exporting the covers too and some of them even have a online preview so you don't have to install all to see how the result looks like.

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