Exporting playlists limited by winamp rating per album

Hi everybody, stupid question incoming.

I recently put an ssd in my Ipod classic and flashed it with Rockbox everything works fine except for the ratings, which i write into the id3 tag with Winamp.
There currently doesn't really seem to be a way for Rockbox to use these ratings instead it uses its own system and i really don't fancy having to manage and sync two different rating systems.

It seems a lot easier to just create a playlist per artist that grabs everything with a rating over 3 and trow that on my Ipod and i can update the playlists every once in a while from my pc.

I guess i can figure out how to churn out a playlist and i can sort my database in mp3tag by rating but i cant seem to get playlists separated by artist which kind of negates the purpose.

i store my stuff like this "D:\My Documents\My Music\artist\album" where double albums just get appended with a CD1/2/3 etc on the album level. Any compilation albums shouldn't be a problem because the artist field is the same as the album field and the actual artist name is put in front of the title but other than that all the tags are normal.

I did a search through the forum and there are some people with similar questions regarding playlist but to be honest the scripts that get discussed kind of go over my head.
So my question is can i create the playlist like i want and how would i go about doing it?

When you create a report that in return creates an output in playlist format, you can define in this report that it first should sort by artist and then by rating.

Could you go into slightly more detail, keeping in mind that i apparently cant figure out what you mean with report (action?)?

No, sorry: export.
Have a look at the File menu: there you see the function Export.
An export creates a text file and a s playlists are also text files, perhaps you can recycle the data.

i would create a playlist for some files (you get that function also in the files menu),
open the playlist in a text editor,
see which data is required for the playlist

and then create an export script that loops around the artist and then the rating, if that is what you require.