Exporting problem with multi-level directories


Since no-one noticed this yet (AFAIK) this should be no bug, but seems like one:

I have my music organized as

I want to create export for every single album, so i want the files exported as:

I opened the Artist directory, selected all files and in the export options checked "one file per directory" expecting a result as described above.
But the exported file is always written to the Artist directory, so i'm getting an Artist\export.txt file, several times overwritten, so it contains the info only for the last album.

I've tried several exporting configurations always with the same result, so possibly i screwed up something with the configuration, i just don't know what

Thanks for your help in advance


Put something like this at the very beginning of the config:
That makes sure that the config gets in the same directory as the audio files.


added. still no luck :frowning:

edit: i've attached (one of) the script(s). It's made by you btw. :smiley: Thanks once again

lyrics.mte (633 Bytes)


You forgot the underscore in %_folderpath%



Thanks it works now