Exporting Tag Values to Text File

Sometimes I had the case that I wanted to export the '%title%' tag texts of an album to a text file (with CR/LF to separate the lines) so that I can import them into a better ripped album

Same as the function 'import tag values from text file', just the other way around

Wouldn't that be a useful new function for other people too?


It already exists, see "File > Export"

Thanks a lot, I thought that this export function is just for the MP3Tag settings...


love it

the easiest way to do that is just copy & paste. load boath verisions of the album in Mp3Tag, mark all tracks of the already tagged version, right-mouse-click > copy tags. then mark all tracks of the second version, right-mouse-click > paste tags.
tracks have to be sorted in the same order, of course.

oh cool, thanks for this hint, I didn't know that this would work too