Exporting to Exccel


I don't know what I've done to revert back to my early days of using the program.

I was trying to edit the sequence below not to include track pathway size album and file size. I thought I changed but I didn't. I un/re installed the program. Edited the export configuration with the sequence that you gave me many months ago. Now I get the following file name mp3tag.cvs,txt. It will only export to notepad. What am I doing wrong?



defines the filename - if you have ID3V2.3 tags I would change that to

Sorry, where am I putting this$filename(csv,txt)?

misunderstood, Ill make the change

I've made the change but still exports to notepad. Before I had it exporting directly to excel.

I removed the ,txt from the export file name and it's now back to normal. thanks you

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