Exporting to excel part 2

the highlighted song should be in row 2. Also its not in sequential order?

this is the current path to export to excel


You would need a linebreak in front of the $loop()


and you sort by the %_filename_ext% - you do not say what the

would be
If you want to keep the same order as the one that you have in the filelist then use $loop(1) instead.
If you want to sort by ARTIST; ALBUM and then by TRACK, use $loop(%artist%%album%$num(%track%,2))

I'm not understanding the sequence. I would like to export

filename Title Artist Album Year Genre Comment BPM Bitrate length

Then I don't understand your problem.
You export far more fields than just

title artist album track year _length _file_size _file_mod_date _folderpath _filename_ext genre comment bpm _bitrate

and you say that

What would you consider to be the sequential order? Currently, you sort by _FILENAME_EXT to get an order.
To get the header line separated from the rest, you need a linebreak in the script.
For all the other bits and pieces, you have to adapt the named columns and fields.



this is the error ,message i'm getting now using the above pathway

The command loopend must not contain anything else then ()

You will find more details for the possible export commands in the documentation.

where does this command line "$loopend((%artist%%album%$num(%track%,2))" fit in this sequence "$filename(csv,utf-16)Title$char(9)Artist$char(9)Album$char(9)Track$char(9)Year$char(9)Length$char(9)Size$char(9)Modified$char(9)Path$char(9)Filename$char(9)Genre$char(9)Comment$char(9)BPM$char(9)Bitrate$loop(%_filename_ext%)%title%$char(9)%artist%$char(9)%album%$char(9)%track%$char(9)%year%$char(9)%_length%$char(9)%_file_size%$char(9)%_file_mod_date%$char(9)%_folderpath%$char(9)%_filename_ext%$char(9)%genre%$char(9)%comment%$char(9)%bpm%$char(9)%_bitrate%

Where did you get

as I wrote

I am still missing an answer to

and how the long export statement that exports

and not just

After using this command line : [$filename(csv,utf16)Title$char(9)Artist$char(9)Album$char(9)Track$char(9)Year$char(9)Length$char(9)Size$char(9)Modified$char(9)Path$char(9)Filename$char(9)Genre$char(9)Comment$char(9)BPM$char(9)Bitrate$loop(%_filename_ext%)%title%$char(9)%artist%$char(9)%album%$char(9)%track%$char(9)%year%$char(9)%_length%$char(9)%_file_size%$char(9)%_file_mod_date%$char(9)%_folderpath%$char(9)%_filename_ext%$char(9)%genre%$char(9)%comment%$char(9)%bpm%$char(9)%_bitrate%$loopend ()] the bottom image is what the end result

this was my initial inquiry to the highlighted line in excel using this command line after the last update

$filename(csv,utf16)Title$char(9)Artist$char(9)Album$char(9)Track$char(9)Year$char(9)Length$char(9)Size$char(9)Modified$char(9)Path$char(9)Filename$char(9)Genre$char(9)Comment$char(9)BPM$char(9)Bitrate$loop(%_filename_ext%)%title%$char(9)%artist%$char(9)%album%$char(9)%track%$char(9)%year%$char(9)%_length%$char(9)%_file_size%$char(9)%_file_mod_date%$char(9)%_folderpath%$char(9)%_filename_ext%$char(9)%genre%$char(9)%comment%$char(9)%bpm%$char(9)%_bitrate%$loopend ()

I answered your

You need a line break in front of the $loop() statement. Edit the script and press enter in front of the $

no you have not answered me.

I've asked for the command line to avoid the image from my initial inquiry, you them told me to add this $loop(%artist%%album%$num(%track%,2)) to the command line and again you did not indicate where to add it

The answer is in
post #2

You need to insert a line break to get the first data line under the headline.

Does that work?


This is the error message i get after I copied and pasted.

You would need to copy only the code part.
Please show me the code you use now.
Anyway: you could check for yourself: how many $loop() and how many $loopend() statements do you have in the code right now?
And actually, I get the following message:
and the following output with the script from post #2


What is that?
To me it looks like you have copied the whole post:

... which does not really make sense and leads to invalid code.
You would have to copy only the part from the code box.

And if that is too difficult for you, then I am afraid, I cannot help you any further.
Just a reminder: it is your problem, not mine. So you have to get it working in your environment if it is still your intention to export a tab-separated text.

My environment? This is your problem after your last update which caused this problem in the first place. Furthermore you also showed you where getting the same error message as myself

Which error message are you referring to?
Where did I update anything on your computer?

the last update to MP3Tags program on 11/03/2023