Exporting to Excel spreadsheets

Hello all,

I've been trying for a several months now to export one of my music files to no avail. Finally tonight I was able to export and open in simple fashion:

Export CVS file
open Excel
click on the DATA banner
Get Data {furthest left}
select from file
select from text/cvs
Excel then will place all the columns in order as per your spread sheet
select load

Now the only issue I ran into is it did not provide me all the columns I have in my editor nor did the length match what's in the directory

You would have to show us the export script and tell us which fields you are missing.
Also, the screenshot of a file in the file list showing the length field for which you see the wrong length plus a screenshot of the extended tags dialogue for this file would help.

where do i find the export script?

How did you export as CSV?

Ctrl-E opens the export script list.
Select the export script that you used and click the Edit button.
An editor window will open that shows the export script.
Copy and paste the script to a post, preferably in a section of preformatted text (see toolbar or this editor window).

selected csv
export file name mp3tag.csv
clicked ok
opened up in excel with columns missing

I assume that you use the CSV script that comes with the default installation.
That is just an example how a csv file could look like.
If you have special needs then you would have to adapt to these requirements.
Which should be easy enough as it the script is a plain text file.

The export scripts do not update automatically according to your modifications of columns in the file list.
So it would still be helpful if you could tell us which fields you find to be exported and which ones you did not but would like to be included.

fields included in the cvs export file

title artist album track year length size last modified and filename

columns' wanted

title artist file name year genre comments bpm bitrate length

as i stated earlier the length does not match the actual length of the song

So, for
title artist file name year genre comments bpm bitrate length
you set in the export script:
This separates the fields with the tab character which is better in those cases when the data in the fields could contain also a comma.

How do you know? I think that this might be a different topic, though.

thank you, how do I do set in the export script:
%title%$char(9)%artist%$char(9)%file%$char(9)%name%$char(9)%year%$char(9)%genre%$char(9)%comment%$char(9)%bpm%$char(9)%_bitrate%$char(9)%_length%? I've never done script writing

Did you try what I described in

in the export configuration window, I clicked edit and it brings me to the Microsoft app store?

would you be able to provide me with a screen shot?

The "Edit" function opens the application that is the default editor for text files.
If you have not yet set a default application then select the "Editor" from the list.

I would. If I only knew of what I should take a screenshot.
Apparently, your system is configured in a different way than mine as you do not have set a default text editor application,

As the export to excel seems to be so many problematic - what do you want to do with the exported data in Excel?
Most of the functions that Excel can provide can also be found in MP3tag and probably better as they are specifically tailored to deal with taggable files.

Now please select the export configuration "csv" and click the edit button (the second from the top, that one with the pencil).
A text editor should open and there you see the export script.
Either copy and paste it to a forum post or show a screenshot of the editor window.

This is what I get after following your instructions

You see the Link "more apps" with the arrow down - please click on this link to open the list of suggested applications. You should see the notepad editor somewhere.
Please select that: