Exporting to Excel spreadsheets

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes, I deleted that part as I wasn't sure if that was to be kept or not ( $filename(csv,utf-16) ?)
  7. Yes
  8. Yes
  9. Yes
  10. Yes
  11. Yes,
  12. No. it did not come out the way previous attempts where made

which leads me to the alternative to "yes":

please advise as to what line of scripting that needs to be eliminated and kept.

I had to reinstall the program

Thank you

If you start from scratch then I would think that you first follow the absolute basic list of tasks as described here:

Independent from that:
you tend not to answer the feedback.
I am missing an answer to

And how do you know that the length is not right?

Yes, I am at the point of editing

I was told that the length is in seconds

... and the idea was then to use a different variable, right?

yes, I was given this path to hopefully export everything required


That did not replace only the part starting with "$loop()" right?
Please open the export script for editing.
Select all the text in the script
Delete the whole text from the script
Copy the following code


and paste it to the empty export script window.
Save the export script.
Close the editor
Execute the script
Check the resulting CSV file in Excel.


and all the other bits in that post.
I am close to giving up on this.

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

So now you have the data in Excel.
And what next?

That's it. I can go about how I want to set up my library and DJ list

Thank you for your patience, it's truly appreciated

Still, out of interest: in what respect does Excel help you?
Finding particular tracks -> filter in MP3tag
Renumbering tracks to keep a certain order -> track numbering wizard in MP3tag
Playing the track to find out which version should be taken -> double-click in MP3tag
Assigning a new genre -> edit file in MP3tag.
Putting files together for a playlist -> Generate playlist in MP3tag (file menu)

So where does Excel come in handy?

I will be doing a master play list for each genre of music for each of the song I play so I have a record if one song is played more than another

If you want to sort that list by GENRE, wouldn't it then be better to have an export script that already sorts the files by genre?

Doesn't you DJ player add a play-counter to the files?
And even if it does not: the field POPULARIMETER has a parameter to add a play-counter. And that could easily be editted in MP3tag and be used as a filter criterion to find the popular files.