Exporting years and albums names

I have this code
$FILENAME(C:\export list.txt,utf-16)$loop(%ALBUM%,1)%ALBUM% $loopend()
which makes a list of all of the albums, without repeating them

And what I would like to is to put also a year in front of every album

I am not quite sure what you mean: in front of that what is output?
then use
$FILENAME(C:\export list.txt,utf-16)$loop(%ALBUM%,1)%year%: %ALBUM% $loopend()
(you can use any characters to separate %year% and %album%, the ": " is just a suggestion)

As is comes out, I was aiming at

$loop(%ALBUM%,1)%YEAR% %ALBUM%

So thank you, for saving me a lot of time and clicking

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