I've installed version 2.39 on to my laptop running XP sp2 home edition. When I export (with any of the in built options) and choose the directory to save it. I get the message...
"exporting information about 17 files was written to file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Tegen's\My Documents\Songs[SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING]'.

Which is not the folder that I selected to save too, but is the folder where the files are located. It does save a file there named "[SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING]". I chose the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Tegen's\My Documents"
I can save to any other folder in "C:\Documents and Settings" as long as it not Tegen's or a sub folder of Tegen's, even new folders in Tegen's.

I can save word etc. to any folder in Tegen's.

I've tried it with version 2.32a, same result. They were installed by user Tegen, who has admin rights.

So what gives?

Please try with "C:\Documents and Settings\Tegen''s\My Documents" (note the two ') since the ' character is treated as a special character in Mp3tag's internal scripting language and needs to be escaped.

Thank you very much Florian.

All working now.