Exposing *ALL* MetaData fields

Wish List Request:
I am stupidly fussy about cleaning and correcting my metadata tags, however sometimes searching out and modifying specific fields can be tricky in MP3Tag.

What I'd love to see is a feature where I can "see" all of the metadata associated to a file. Currently I have to do two passes on each release to completely clean my files. I first do a major overhaul in MP3Tag, but then I have to run the files through 'Kid3 Tagger' (https://kid3.kde.org). That tool exposes all metadata, including those notorious ITUNORM entries, as well as other audio gain adjustments, APE tags (without over-writing the mp3 tags) and more.

A feature/function that perhaps opened a second window (modal) to verify all editable fields (and the ability to edit/remove fields or data we don't want) would be awesome.

Wish made, fingers crossed.

All fields are shown in the Extended Tags dialogue.
Press Alt-T.

Different Tag-Versions, though, are not shown - you either would have to filter for those and then remove them as deleting a whole tag is a different task than removing single fields.