extended/enhanced ID3v1 tag


I have read here that it is possible to extend/enhance ID3v1 Tags to twice its length. Does this program support this? If yes how to do it?

I ask bcs my mp3 Player only displays ID3v1 Tags. And those are limited to 30 digits each for title, author and folder.

The mp3 Player also has an annoying quirk :angry::
if all 30 digits of the title name tag are used, the mp3 player appends the first 10 digits of the folder name right after those 30 digits (displaying a total of 40 digits).
This doesn't happen if only up to 29 digits are used in the title name tag.

Example: "Author Name" - "Titlel Name" = 30 digits, within Folder "Folder Name"
Titlel Tag: "30 digit Titlel NameFolder Nam"
Autor Tag: "Author Name"
Folder Tag: "Folder Name"

I was also wondering if this has something to do with ID3v1 Tags cupped at 30 digits? :huh: Or is it just buggy player soft?

Just to get this clear: the folder name is not part of a tag. It is a property of the file system and has nothing to do with tagging.
In the wikipedia article you supplied, you find the V1 standard in a table that shows the lengths of V1 tags which suggests that the field length is fixed. So not very much chance there.
And no, MP3tag does not support tag+. If your player behaves in such a strange way, it is doubtful whether it supports the non-standard tag+.

So I would assume you are stuck with the limitations.
But as somehow the folder crept in ... I am not sure if the strange behaviour originates in the tag version.