Extended Tags Bulk Erase

When I have a lot of tracks I tend to control A as an example to highlight all tracks and if I want to remove comments I backspace the comments to remove comment information down the left hand side of the software and hit save and that removes all the comments for the tracks I have highlighted sort of a bulk erase all at once. I was wondering if the extended tag information could be incorporated down the left side of the software so that I can remove certain aspects of the extended tag information on all tracks selected in the same way as I do with the comments all at once to save having to right click each track individually and remove the tag information I don't want to keep. TIA

Did you know that the dropdown list for comment has a function <delete> to remove the field contents (and with it the field)?

You can use the extended tags dialogue for all the selected files and remove fields there.
You can create an action that removes all fields except those that you name in that action.
You can add (and remove) elements in the tag panel to show more or less information.

No how do I do that for comments. I have just experimented with the software and think I have found an answer to my question. If I highlight all the tracks and right click on one of them then I can delete the particular bits I want to delete from the extended tags all at once so think problem solved. Hope it helps anybody else that is wanting to do the same thing.

If you want to delete comments from multiple songs, select the songs, and then select < blank > (from the drop down) in the Comment Field.

Or via extended Tags (ALT+T) click on Comment click Delete (which changes the text to < blank > and then click OK